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kisss my ashhh (8:33:55 PM): OMGGG
kisss my ashhh (8:34:02 PM): omg im cravingg it
kisss my ashhh (8:34:04 PM): MACARONI AND CHEESE
kisss my ashhh (8:34:06 PM): i ont know why
kisss my ashhh (8:34:08 PM): but i can see it
kisss my ashhh (8:34:10 PM): and it looks soooo good
tarynup myxheart (8:34:39 PM): ur pregenat

hahahahaha.. this made my night
and made up for the fact of me staying home all day from being sickk.
headache/stomacheache/sore throat/ weak back etc.
leah came and visited me today; i havent seen that girl since wednesdayy

bottom line; i have the best friends anyone can ask for
my group of ladies right now make my life && i dont know what id do without them
im soo happy i can finally say that cause this time theyre REAL friends :]

this weekend is going to be amazing; i already know itt

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yeahhhh; not exactly looking forward to it.
i remember exactly what i did a year ago from today.
but thats when things were fine between us; we were "normal"
now its all drama; its funny though..
youd think youd have more drama when you were younger?
and youd think as you GROW UP youd have LESS drama because well, youd be MORE MATURE
guess there is still time to see if that happens...
wait, who am i kidding? "us" not have drama... HAHAHAHAHA.
its really pure entertainment from this point of view
as long as im not part of it; i could care LESSS
whatever; im not part of any of it and i promised myself i wont get into it this year
and thats an easy promise for me to make:)
so all you drama setters out there [oh, you know who you are]
dont even try; cause ti wont work:)
CANT WAIT TILL THIS YEAR; oh ya.. you can clearly see how THRILLED i am

ps- 8/20/05♥